Be Unexpected

Be Unexpected! Get out of your comfort zone. Do what people thought you couldn’t do. Use Your platform to help those that thought they wouldn’t be helped!

You Are Greatness



You can’t fake your way through challenges. You have to be trained on how to properly respond to adversity. No more masks! No more covering up. Face your adversity!


Finish this week stronger than you started. It’s never about how you start, it’s how you finish. End your week with an exclamation! HAVE PASSION IN, AND FOR ALL THINGS THAT HAVE YOUR NAME ATTACHED TO IT.


Stop writing down the goal. Stop researching the dream. Become the goal. Become the dream. Your decision, actions and habits all change when you BECOME!

Don’t Snuggle

Success doesn’t snuggle. There is nothing comfortable about success or the process leading up to success. DO WHAT IT TAKES to reach your goals!

Checkers / King Me

Life is checkers, NOT chess.


You can always get better! Accept the challenge when people push you and motivate you to get better! #StayDriven2017


You’ve watched others do it well, and you’ve watched others do it and fail. Take all the knowledge that you’ve acquired and PUT IT TO USE! BE!


A ton of young people w/ hoop dreams at these AAU tournaments and summer basketball camps. Also a ton of excuses being used by players and parents as to why they aren’t getting playing time, winning, etc. EX OUT the excuses please! #StayDriven #WhosReallyNeXT

On A Mission

You always feel broken, because you’re always on break. Intermission is over. Stay ON A MISSION!


Just because you’re next in line, doesn’t mean that it’s your turn. Keep working! Don’t let someone take your spot because you relaxed!

WOW – Win On Wednesday

Wednesday is not “hump” day, it’s HUNT day! Get better! Put in the work! Finish the week stronger than you started!


Instead of taking selfies, PUT IN WORK!


Stop chasing a position and start choosing your purpose. Let’s get back to being the change we want to see in the world.

Stay Committed

Don’t let your giving and “thinking about others” be limited to just the holiday season.


The same energy and excitement that you have for your favorite athletic team should never outweigh the enthusiasm that you have for your life and your pursuit of greatness! #StayDriven


“DO” | The world is inhabited with too many “talkers.” The DOERS are few. Reputations aren’t built on what you say you’re going to do, reputations are built on DOING! #StayDriven


EXCUSES – Eliminate your excuses! Excuses are the nails used to build the mansion of failure. IF YOU WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL DO WHAT IT TAKES.


You can’t spell avenger without the word “anger.” Anger is engineered by pain. Anger/Pain WHEN USED CORRECTLY, can be one of the most powerful tools to keep you driven…to keep you making a positive impact in the lives of others.

The R4

Are you willing to do the uncomfortable to have the unthinkable? You may not like your position, but if you produce, you will have that PROMOTION!

I Still Cry

I STILL CRY – It’s ok to cry, but KEEP GOING. Your vision always gets clearer after your tears fall. Remember WHO you are doing it for!

Remember When…

The mortgage that you pay living in the past will always have you in debt. MOVE forward!

Take Responsibilty | Part 2

Stop blaming people. Take responsibility. Get your POWER back! S/O to Dr. Leroy Thompson Jr. for the intel.

Take Responsibility | Part 1

Stand on your own two feet. Stop blaming people. Take responsibility for your life. When you take responsibility, you also take back your power to advance through adversity!

YOU are the Next…

If you want to be great, SEPARATE…from the crowd!

The Greater Voice

When you don’t believe that you can do the impossible, it’s because you are listening to a voice that is inferior to your own. Start listening to YOU!

Your Time Is Right Now

Stop holding back! Don’t let “being tired” be the reason that you miss the opportunity of a life time.

Empty Your Hands

When you give more you receive more. In order to receive your hands have to be free. There is no need to hold on to things that someone else could get more use out of.

Do Your Job

Stop worrying about the productivity of other people. The more you point fingers the less productive you are. Are YOU doing your job?

999 Caledonia

Roy Hall describes how where you come from can and will shape who you become…positive or negative. The choice is YOURS.

No Time To Waste

Focus on today. Focus on NOW! You don’t have time to waste!

You Need Challenges

Roy Hall emphasizes why challenges are needed when you are pursuing success.


Roy Hall explains why what you do isn’t as important as WHO you do it for.

It’s NOT About You?

Stop making life all about you. The only time that you should be thinking about “u” is when you are thinking about “us.”


Find out why it is possible to give much more than 100% effort!

I Owe You?

The only way to repay the people that have helped you become successful is to PAY FORWARD.

Triple A

Applause, acquaintances, and acquisitions are an empty pursuit if you think that’s what life is about.

Real Commitment

Finish what you started even when what you started doesn’t look like it’s worth finishing.


Roy Hall visits the NeXT Foundation Basketball Camp and delivers an impactful message to the youth!