Steve Lowe

“We had Roy come to our area to provide annual school assembly speaking engagements that required a grueling schedule. Roy worked tirelessly to fulfill the schedule of assemblies. When it was all done, he spoke a captivating message to students across 9 different school districts in 4 counties a number of 18 times! Roy’s message of hope was truly from the heart and had lasting impact, conveying deep concern for the range of issues challenging them in our world today.”

Steve LoweHigh School Tour Director
Suzanne M.

“Roy gave an outstanding presentation today at our high school. As a teacher and a parent of teenage boys, his words rang so true. I kept thinking my son needs to hear that – with about every phrase he said.”

Suzanne M.High School Teacher

“Roy’s speech was really inspiring. It was just the nudge I needed. I grew up in a rough home with an abusive step father and now I feel that I can do it no matter what I’ve been through. I’m chasing my dream and even if I don’t reach my goal then I can STILL achieve greatness no matter the situation!”

DylanHigh School Student

“Mr. Hall inspired me to keep going! I want Roy to know that his speech about blood, sweat, and tears changed my outlook. It helped me understand that everyone has a struggle. He personally changed my life and told me to pursue what I love!”

LauraHigh School Student